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We have been Caravaners and Motor homers ourselves for more than 20 years but had been busy with another business for many years and it wasn't until we left that, did we start to think that we had the space and the location to start our own CL.

   We opened Our Adult Only Site in July 2011 being a little apprehensive and not really knowing what to expect. We need not have worried we have met some lovely people many of whom have become friends and regular visitors and enjoyed some stunning reviews.

   We are lucky in respect that  Alverstone Ponds is situated in one of the most beautiful areas on the Island not only are we in an Area of outstanding natural beauty ideal for walking , cycling, bird watching or just taking it easy, but also not far from some of the best beaches on the island. Wight natures reserve Alverstone Mead is only 100yds from the site well known for its Red Squirrels and diversity of nature. An old disused Railway track now a popular Cycle route running from Sandown to Cowes can be accessed only 150yds from us so bringing your bikes is a must. 



We started to clear out what was an area of stagnant Bog and overgrown Willow and Bramble in 1995 not really having lakes in mind, but it soon became apparent that it was of little use for anything else so the Top lake sort of just evolved. I had a keen interest in fishing and thought it would make a good fishing pond and so the Idea of the Fishery was born. Many years later we were approached by the Environment agency to see if they could carry out some flood relief work in our lower paddock ,this seemed an excellent opportunity to put in another lake, we discussed it with the  Environment Agency and they agreed it would be good for the area and funded the work. Just as well really as whilst digging it we discovered a Roman Causeway and what should have taken 2 weeks took 2 years, but that's another story. Now after a few years it has become a haven for wild life with Kingfishers, Water voles, ducks and Moorhens all moving in to inhabit the area. Dragonflies are a particular favourite with 19 species recorded 1 year look out for the Banded demoiselle down by the river or the large Emperors that skim the water surface looking for a meal. One things for sure you don't have to be a Fisherman to take in the Natural beauty that abounds here.   

Just some of our Residents

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